NHS vanguard programme funding announcement

NHS England has announced £500,000 of new funding to support Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust vanguard care model to develop a toolkit on how to deliver networked care in the NHS.

What are vanguards? Watch a video explaining the purpose and aims of the NHS vanguard programme.

Moorfields has a network of 32 sites in and around London in a variety of healthcare settings. The Moorfields’ vanguard programme is developing a toolkit as a way of sharing the trust’s experience in delivering networked care and to share learning from other healthcare providers nationally and internationally.

The toolkit captures collaboration with over 33 other healthcare organisations around best practice for networked care, and provides practical support to other organisations who might want to implement networked care to the benefit of patients across the NHS.

Karen Reeves, Moorfields vanguard programme director, said:
“We are delighted to receive further funding to continue our vanguard programme. We will launch our single specialty networked care toolkit in April 2017. The toolkit will share learning from networked and non-networked healthcare organisations about the benefits, challenges and opportunities of single speciality networked care. The toolkit will provide practical advice to help provider and partner organisations consider if this new care model can support single service sustainability for smaller local hospitals, and practical tools to enable them to set up a networked model of care more quickly to support longer term sustainability for the NHS nationally.”

Samantha Jones, Director of the New Care Models Programme, said: “The vanguards are making great progress and have already made a tangible impact on the lives of patients and the working lives of staff.  2017/18 is a crucial year for the vanguards, in particular how we further spread their work across the wider NHS and care services.  This funding, as well as the support we offer to them, will help them to continue to move at pace.” 

Nationally, the total funding allocated matches that of 2016/17 and will be matched by funds and resources from the vanguards themselves.

To see the full press release, click here.

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