The Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. They monitor, inspect and regulate health care providers including hospitals, ambulances and care homes, to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety. The CQC ensure the best possible care for patients, service users and their family and friends.

The CQC undertake detailed visits assessing safety, effectiveness, compassionate and high quality care, encouraging a focus on continual improvement. They then publish their findings and performance ratings to help people choosing care services.

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You can also visit the CQC's YouTube page to learn more about them and how they measure standards.

The CQC has more information on its website about how it conducts NHS Trust inspections.

video transcript
in this video we'll be looking at how we
will reach a rating through the use of
scoring we are introducing a scoring
framework into our assessments to be
clear we will continue to where
appropriate describe the quality of care
using our outstanding good requires
Improvement or inadequate
ratings our new assessment framework
will apply to Providers local
authorities and integrated Care Systems
our ratings and five key questions
assessing whoever a service is safe
effective caring responsive and well-led
will stay Central to our approach when
we assess evidence we will assign scores
to the key evidence categories for each
quality statement that we're assessing
ratings will be based on building up
scores from quality statements to an
overall rating using scoring as part of
our assessments will help us be clearer
and more consistent about how we've
reached a judgment on the quality of
care in a service how where local
Authority is delivering its duties under
the Care Act and the performance of an
integrated care
system evidence could be information
that we either already have or actively
look for depending on what we find we
give a score for each evidence category
that is a part of the assessment of the
quality statement all evidence
categories and quality statements are
weighed equally the score relates to the
quality of care in a service or the
performance of a local Authority or gred
care system four means that the evidence
showed an exceptional standard three
shows a good standard two shows some
shortfalls and one shows significant
shortfalls any change in evidence
category scores can then update the
existing quality statement score visit
our website for further information on
how we will reach a rating through the
use of scoring and further information
on the new approach look out for more
videos in this series that introduce
other elements of our new new regulatory

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Moorfields Private Eye Centre


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