Refractive surgery

Clinicians in this service treat refractive errors with precision laser surgery and specialised lens implants.

The refractive surgery team uses precision laser eye surgery techniques and specialised lens implants to correct focusing problems such as short sight (myopia), long sight (hypermetropia), irregular focus (astigmatism) and loss of reading vision (presbyopia).

This type of surgery is available for NHS patients only if they have focusing problems that cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses.  Such problems are usually caused by irregular focus (astigmatism) or unequal focus (anisometropial) which can complicate corneal transplant or cataract surgery.

Our private patient unit, Moorfields Private, provides a full range of refractive surgical techniques for people who would like greater freedom from spectacles and contact lenses.


How do I make an appointment with this service?

If you are a private (fee-paying) patient looking for sight correction using refractive surgery, you can arrange a consultation directly with our private patient unit, Moorfields Private.

If you are an NHS patient, you will need to be referred to the refractive team by your GP or hospital consultant.  If you choose to be treated at Moorfields, we will send you a letter confirming the date, time and location of your appointment with us.


Refractive frequently asked questions

Where can I find out more about specific conditions?

Information about several of the more common eye conditions is available on our website. Simply click on the drop down menu on the homepage and click on the condition you’re interested in. For some conditions, you’ll also be able download patient information leaflets about specific conditions. We’ll be adding information about further eye conditions in future.

Please call the communications team on 020 7566 2628 if you would like any of our patient information literature in an alternative format such as a plain word document, large print or Braille, and we will arrange this for you.


In which locations do you offer this service?


Vision correction is available at Moorfields Private

At Moorfields Private, we offer three main types of vision correction.

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