NHS e-Referral Service (ERS)

In line with national Department of Health priorities, Moorfield Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is committed to receiving primary care referrals via NHS e-Referral Service (ERS).


Benefits to referrers in using NHS ERS.

As well as offering a simplified and fully integrated booking service covering virtually all specialties, the NHS e-Referral Service is a key opportunity to improve the patient pathway and experience.

For referrers this includes a safe, secure and reliable system, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which supports patients in their choice, provides referrers with an easy and reliable way of identifying appropriate services, helps to filter provider services by shortest waiting times and helps optimise the clinical appropriateness of referrals.

The NHS ERS concept of "book now-refer later" allows the referrer to fully involve the patient in the decision making process at the time of the consultation.

The correct implementation of NHS ERS allows for more efficient referral processes, such as reduced time spent chasing written referrals and tracking progress of existing referrals online.

NHS ERS, with its built in search tools, allows the correct service/clinic to be selected. The increased visibility of available services supports more appropriate care closer to home. It also informs the referrer of new services as they become available in the area or further afield.

We ask all those referring to Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to use NHS e-Referral Service wherever possible.


NHS e-Referral Service team at Moorfields Eye Hospital

Visit the NHS e-Referral Service website for referral guidance.

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