Networked sites

We provide a networked site model of care, based on three geographical networks: Moorfields North, Moorfields South and Moorfields East. 

Within these geographical networks care is generally sub-divided into four different types of service, ensuring a comprehensive range of eye care provision closer to patients’ homes:

  • Moorfields eye centres (district hubs): co-located with general hospital services, our eye centres provide comprehensive outpatient and diagnostic care as well as more complex eye surgery and will increasingly serve as local centres for eye research and multidisciplinary ophthalmic education
  • Moorfields eye units (local surgical centres): our eye units provide more complex outpatient and diagnostic services alongside day-case surgery for the local area
  • Moorfields community eye clinics (community-based outpatient clinics): these clinics focus predominantly on outpatient and diagnostic services in community-based locations
  • Moorfields partnerships (partnerships and networks): in this model, Moorfields offers medical and professional support and joint working to eye services managed by other organisations; we also provide clinical leadership to various diabetic retinopathy screening services and to networks across London that deal with retinopathy of prematuritydiagnostics 
  • Moorfields diagnostic hubs: Our diagnostic hubs take patients through a series of rapid tests within a 45 minute visit. Patients will only be asked to attend a subsequent hospital visit if the consultant sees something requiring urgent or personal attention.