Optometry and ophthalmology


Many of our patients will be seen by optometrists at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Optometrists are eye care professionals who specialise in examining and evaluating vision. Their main responsibilities include performing comprehensive eye exams and vision tests, detecting vision problems, eye diseases, and injuries, monitoring general eye health. They also prescribe and fit glasses and contact lenses, and advise patients on eye care and vision correction options. During an eye exam, optometrists can also identify signs of conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. 

If a patient requires further treatment beyond an optometrist's scope of practice, they will provide a referral to an ophthalmologist. Our optometrists and ophthalmologists work collaboratively to deliver an integrated approach to patient's eye care.



Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who specialise in comprehensive eye care, ranging from routine eye exams to medical and surgical treatment of complex eye conditions.

Their expertise allows them to diagnose and treat all eye diseases and disorders, provide care for eye injuries and infections, perform delicate eye surgeries like cataract or cornea procedures, manage vision-threatening diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, and prescribe medications to treat various eye conditions. Many  ophthalmologists specialise in a specific field of eye care.

Many ophthalmologists work closely with optometrists, receiving referrals when patients require specialised medical or surgical eye care that falls outside the scope of an optometrist's practice. This collaborative approach ensures patients receive the most appropriate and comprehensive care for their specific eye health needs.