Moorfields’ Stars: Stephen Chinn

Moorfields’ Stars of 2016: Stephen Chinn

Stephen Chinn is a senior performance analyst in the performance and information department based at the Moorfields City Road campus. Stephen’s ability to find innovative ways to share performance data across the trust earned him a place as a finalist at the Moorfields’ Stars of 2016 award ceremony, having been shortlisted for the Moorfields Eye Charity award for innovation, research or education. A year on, Stephen gives a special insight into his unassuming role.


Can you explain in a few sentences what your role entails?

I work within the performance and information team. My role, along with other members of the team is to take data from various systems within the trust. We then produce a range of reports providing clinical, performance and operational information. Staff can use this information to drive strategic and operational decisions, monitor against national and local targets, identify areas for improvement and of course, see where best practice can be implemented.


How did it feel to be a Moorfields’ Star of 2016 finalist?

I was very humbled by it, it was great to be recognised. But at the same time, it’s not just something that I do. All of the team work very hard and deserve the same recognition. I think it’s an acknowledgement that a lot of good work has been done, but also an acknowledgement that we have to continue that work and find better ways of doing what we do to support and enable the trust to push forward.


You were described by colleagues as an ‘unsung hero’; do you think sometimes your work goes under the radar?

The output doesn’t. Many of our reports are used on a regular basis as part of colleagues’ day-to-day jobs so they see and use what we produce. As with every job within the trust, there’s always a lot of work that go on behind the scenes that’s essential but can be overlooked. In our case, before producing every report there is analysis, testing and development to ensure the data quality and output is what’s needed


Has being a Moorfields’ Star finalist affected your approach to work since?

In all honesty, it hasn’t changed. I just continue to do that best job I can do.


It was said of you that “innovation is his natural state of mind,” what is it like to hear praise like that from colleagues?

It’s very good to be acknowledged. As I said, it’s humbling to know you are making a difference but it’s also an acknowledgement for the rest of the team.


How important is it to recognise staff going the extra mile?

It is of most importance. Alongside patients, the most important people are staff. Whether or not it’s something which is widely known and done for the patients, or something in the background, everyone doing a good piece of work should be recognised.


Entries are now open for Moorfields’ Stars of 2017. What kinds of people would you like to see nominated?

People who are adding something extra. People who have the vision and initiative to push themselves, their departments and the trust to improve quality of care for patients. And that can be anyone, whether it’s a small or larger part of the organisation. The small pieces of work will come to the sum of everything.


Have you anyone in mind?

Probably members of my own team!


What advice would you have to someone considering nominating a colleague?

I would strongly advise it. We see things happen in front of us every day that improve the quality of patient care and improve the quality of work that staff do. If any individual or team you know is doing this, putting their name in lights is a real morale boost.


And finally, could you describe being a Moorfields’ Star of 2016 finalist in three words?

Pleased, humbled and inspired.


Moorfields’ Stars of 2017 is now open for nominations. If you know someone who deserves to be recognised for going over and above in their work for the trust, nominate them today. For more information visit the webpage. Nominations close on Friday 24 November 2017 and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in March 2018. For more information on the 2016 finalists and winners, visit the webpage

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