Moorfields begins ‘one second’ glaucoma treatment trial

Moorfields Eye Hospital has begun a clinical trial of a new laser treatment for glaucoma where the procedure takes just one second.

The ‘GLAURious’ trial is being carried out across 3 centres who will be using the Belkin laser to lower eye pressure to treat glaucoma. This treatment consists of an automated laser which is fired for one second. It differs from current laser treatment for glaucoma as it doesn’t require a lens to be touching the eye, making the procedure more comfortable for patients. This rapid procedure is given instead of daily eye drops which are often used to treat glaucoma.

Gus Gazzard, director of the Moorfields glaucoma service, said:

“We have now treated our first patient on this exciting clinical trial. Our hope is that this efficient treatment has a great result for patients in the study so that more patients can benefit from this quick, effective treatment. For some patients it can be difficult to take eye drops every day, therefore our search for alternative treatments is incredibly important to help preserve sight in the many people that glaucoma affects.”

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