Paediatric frequently asked questions

Where can I find out more about specific conditions?

Information about several of the more common eye conditions is available on our website. Simply click on the drop down menu on the homepage and click on the condition you’re interested in. For some conditions, you’ll also be able download patient information leaflets about specific conditions. We’ll be adding information about further eye conditions in future.

Please call the communications team on 020 7566 2628 if you would like any of our patient information literature in an alternative format such as a plain word document, large print or Braille, and we will arrange this for you.


Which consultants work in the paediatric service?

  • Mr Yassir Abou-Rayyah
  • Mr James Acheson
  • Ms Gill Adams
  • Dr Ekundayo Ajayi-Obe
  • Mr John Brookes
  • Miss Annegret Dahlmann-Noor
  • Miss Alison Davis
  • Mr Daniel Ezra
  • Mr Eric Ezra
  • Miss Joanne Hancox
  • Mrs Melanie Hingorani
  • Professor Sir Peng Khaw
  • Mr Frank Larkin
  • Professor Sue Lightman
  • Mr Michel Michaelidis
  • Professor Anthony Moore
  • Miss Maria Papadopoulos
  • Mr Himanshu Patel
  • Mr Ashwin Reddy – paediatric service director
  • Professor Geoffrey Rose
  • Dr Alison Salt
  • Dr Andrew Sawzencko
  • Mr John Sloper
  • Miss Maria Theodorou
  • Miss Dhanes Thomas
  • Mr Steven Tuft
  • Mr Jimmy Uddin
  • Mr David Verity

For details about individual consultants, please visit the 'our consultants' tab in the 'our expertise' section.

In which locations do you offer this service?

  • The Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre at Moorfields Eye Hospital
  • Moorfields Community Eye Clinic at Bedford North Wing
  • Moorfields Eye Centre at Ealing Hospital
  • Moorfields Eye Centre at Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow
  • Moorfields Duke Elder Eye Unit at St George’s Hospital, Tooting
  • Moorfields Eye Unit at Bedford Enhanced Services Centre (outpatient appointments only)
  • Moorfields Eye Unit at Potters Bar Community Hospital (outpatient appointments only)
  • Moorfields Partnership at Homerton Hospital, Hackney (child vision clinic only)

Unless noted otherwise, we treat children both as outpatients and as day-cases for surgery in these locations.

For details of how to find our various locations, please visit the our locations tab in the 'about us' section.