Our performance

We monitor our performance against a range of measures and provide regular reports to the trust board. Performance information is also published annually in our annual report and accounts, while progress against quality indicators focusing on patient experience, clinical effectiveness and patient safety is reviewed in our annual quality report. These documents can be downloaded from the corporate publications section of the website.

Our performance is also regularly assessed by two external regulators.

Monitor, the independent regulator for NHS foundation trusts, assesses trusts on a quarterly basis for financial and governance risk, and for mandatory services.  Trusts are rated as red, amber or green for governance and mandatory risk, and on a scale of one to five for financial risk, where one is the worst, and five the best.  Moorfields is currently rated green for governance and mandatory services, and five for financial risk.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator for all health and social care services in England, and has responsibility for licensing providers of such services and for ensuring that they meet a wide range of essential quality and safety standards.  Moorfields is currently registered without conditions with the CQC.

Recent data on our performance against operational, financial and quality measures will be published on this section of the website shortly.