Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

Cosmetic eye surgery and oculoplastics

The oculoplastic team are a multidisciplinary team of experts who treat conditions of the external eye structures including the eyelids, eye lash follicles, tear ducts and eye socket.

At Moorfields Private, all our oculoplastic, cosmetic, reconstructive, lacrimal and orbital surgeons are highly specialised in their field of practice.

This means that they are experts at performing surgery around the eyes, as well as understanding and treating co-existing eye conditions which may affect the health of the eyes or the outcome of the surgery/procedure.

This is essential when dealing with the delicate areas surrounding the eye, which are anatomically unique and complex.

Our consultants are supported by specialist ophthalmic nursing and allied health professionals, ensuing the best possible outcome.

The oculoplastic team treat both adults and children. Children are treated in our dedicated paediatric unit, the Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre.

video transcript

Ectropion is the swelling of the eyes bottom eyelids; rawness of them and eventually they get completely blocked. The more you leave them, the more forward they drop and so it looks like a blood out and it's not in every nice appearance.

I didn't really particularly like going out anywhere because people were sort of keep commenting on the eye. I couldn't go swimming which I like' you know I'll go two or three times a week for exercise and that.

I was like waking up and having all this stuff in the eye that was blinding me was which had to be bathed away every morning so I thought well you've got to do something.

Moorfields has got a good reputation. I've been here before with a cataract and I came up here and they dealt with it efficiently.

It was all you know brilliant you know the consultation between the patient and the consultant they were brilliant and we got to know her very well I said you are you know you make us feel a part of the family, you know because you answer us you straight away we've got no complication.

She expressed every step of the way before the operation you know what the procedure was you know so it covered more or less the whole operation a

You are their patient and that's it, they've got all their efforts are going into you and I say I didn't feel stressed or anything like that.

Now I'm back swimming I'm doing anything normal, no problem at all.

Moorfields Private have treated me brilliantly. They've answered all my questions and they've been there to advise me all the way through the operation.

Got eye trouble? This is the place to come.

To find out how we can help you and to book an appointment please call us on 0800-328-3421 or find us online.

I gave an excellent rating because the service and care was exceptional. They all made an outstanding effort to ensure my needs, safety and health were paramount in the outcome.

Verified patient on Doctify, seen for blepharoplasty in August 2023

Cosmetic and reconstructive eye surgery

Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)

A type of eyelid surgery which removes or repositions skin, fat and/or muscle to improve appearance

Eye lines and wrinkles

Treatment of wrinkles in the area around the eyes

Ectropion / entropion

Treatment of the eyelid sagging outward or inward causing pain and discomfort

Oncology (cancer)

Reconstructive surgery after cancer surgery

Ptosis (droopy eyelid)

Surgery to correct an upper eyelid dropping over the eye.

Eyelid conditions


A cyst on the eyelid due to inflammation around the opening of the oil glands at the base of your eyelashes


A small, painful abscess on the outside of the eyelid caused by bacterial infections at the eyelash root

Eyelid tumours

Any tumours, lumps and bumps on the eyelid

Meibomian gland disease (MGD)

Treatment of functional abnormalities of the meibomian glands, which are oil glands along the edge of the eyelid

Orbital conditions

Thyroid eye disease

Swelling in the eye sockets, which is a common symptom of the thyroid gland producing too much or too little thyroid hormone.

Orbital inflammation

Inflammation to the tissues around the eye which can have infectious and non-infectious underlying causes

Orbital trauma

A traumatic injury to the eye socket caused by an injury. Often seen in sports, assaults and accidents.

Conditions relating to the tear ducts (lacrimal conditions)

Epiphora (watering eye)

An excess of tears, most common in young babies (0–12 months of age) and people over 60.

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