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For health professionals

Information, education and events for healthcare practitioners on all aspects of eye health.

The partnership between primary and secondary care practitioners is vital to effective patient care in Ophthalmology.  At Moorfields Private Eye Hospital we want to work collaboratively with you to create seamless referral pathways, share knowledge, and build positive relationships.

Contact our primary care relationship managers

Our primary care relationship managers can support with educational events, free live CPD webinars, shared care, and other ways to build the partnership between Moorfields Private and primary care

For optometrists

Please contact Hayley Raison, Primary Care Relationship Manager

07590 494 806 Email Hayley

For GPs

Please contact Hasina Shah, Primary Care Relationship Manager

07821 636 821 Email Hasina

NHS healthcare professionals hub

Information for referrers and healthcare professionals from Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

NHS healthcare professional hub

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