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Cataract service at Moorfields Private

England's largest private hospital site for cataract surgery. Moorfields Eye Private, City Road performs over 2,700 private cataract procedures each year, more than any other single site.



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Why choose Moorfields Private for your cataract surgery?

Specialist multidisciplinary teams

Our multidisciplinary teams are all experts in ophthalmology. Our nurses, technicians, pharmacy teams and allied health professionals are all dedicated to ophthalmology.

Excellent outcomes

Our outcome data is excellent and well above national standards. For example, the national standard for posterior capsule rupture is less than 1.95%. Moorfields achieved 0.88% in 2023/24.

Package pricing

Our package pricing is transparent and up front; the vast majority of patients pay the price advertised and no more. Find out more about the pricing for cataract.

World leading consultants

At Moorfields, each consultant specialises not just in ophthalmology but in specific parts of the eye. This means that we can match you to a consultant who is leading in their field and able to treat cataracts in patients who have other conditions such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy.

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Cataract is a major cause of sight loss. The disease causes gradual blurring of vision and often glare symptoms worsen over time.

Surgery to replace the lens is the only effective treatment. At Moorfield's Private we provide a world-class service for patients undergoing cataract surgery. Our highly skilled teams perform over 3000 cataract operations a year and as a specialist center we are able to perform complex surgeries which require specific ophthalmic expertise such as cataract in glaucoma patients.

Choosing to have your cataract surgery at Moorfields Private gives you peace of mind knowing that you'll be treated by world-renowned cataract surgeons using the latest techniques. All our Consultants hold accredited consultant positions at Moorfield's Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust working at the very top of their profession.

At Moorfields's Private we have excellent facilities - clinical surgical and research facilities. We upgrade them continuously. They're second to none. We also have a fantastic team; we encompass all the
sub-specialty ophthalmologists and all together we can come to a conclusion usually for the most difficult cases.

You will have a personalized care plan based on your comprehensive assessment, treatment suitability and replacement lenses preferences.

You will see your consultant at every visit and they will supervise every
aspect of your care. As a private patient you can choose to have multi-focal lenses which can reduce your reliance on glasses or contact
lenses after your cataract surgery.

Our profits are reinvested into our NHS services and research programs for the benefit of all patients

To find out how we can help you and to book an appointment call us on 0800 328 3421 or find us online

Patient information

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I have started doing cataract surgery in 1996 as a trainee at Moorfields and then I specialised in cataract surgery laser
vision correction and corneal transplant or graft surgery.
The reason why you would come to Moorfields and see someone like me or one of my colleagues is all of us will have a experience in cataract surgery that goes beyond average we have spent years specialising and achieving the qualification and that you need to be a consultant ophthalmic surgeon. We have gone through a competitive interview process to become a consultant at Moorfields ultimately is the sound impartial non-commercial advice that you get that enables and empowers you to decide what you want to do with your surgery; if you want to go ahead and if you go ahead how to choose the type of surgery and the type of anaesthesia. That makes you more
comfortable and ensures that the surgery is bound to be successful.
There is the advantage that we are able to advise patients in terms of which implant to choose because cataract surgery is putting a new plastic lens inside the eye which can be a simple monofocal lens or can be a so-called premium lenses getting a proper and
sound advice on what is believed to be best for you it is what you can achieve by undergoing cataract surgery at Moorfields.
The appointment will take quite some time, normally we tell patients that they will stay with us for a couple of hours because cataract surgery is not just a one-to-one consultation with a single surgeon. This goes beyond that with modern technology you are able to perform lots of scan to check the general health of the eye to check the
shape of the cornea, the degree of the cataract.
All of these things are performed in a length concentration which ultimately involves dilating the pupil of the patient so the consultant can then examine the inside of the eye and based on all the tests we are able to give the patient the correct advice in terms of how to proceed. Moorfields has got state-of-the-art facilities boasting clinics with the most advanced technology and also and it's got a fantastic private ward and theaters where all the equipment is super modern.
Most of consultant at Moorfields are involved in research and I have been involved in lots of research in terms of cataract research in terms
of technology for cataract surgery especially looking at patient outcomes in terms of satisfaction which are what drives modern medicine.
We have lots of patients coming for second opinion so there are several reasons you know because they are unhappy with another opinion, because there are complications of surgery and they want to try to have an opinion on how to proceed. Also because they've
got rare conditions that are best treated by super specialist eye
hospital exactly like Moorfields. Bear in mind that because of the size of the hospital and the number of different pathologies that we see we've built unique expertise in some conditions that are extremely rare for which patients find difficult to get proper opinion and they've got the advantage of being able to asking a colleague could you come and
have a look at this patient of mine. So together we can give a third opinion together with the second opinion and make sure that we are choosing whatever not just one consultant but too or more so together we can try to give the patient what is the best and most sound impartial advice.
To find out how we can help you and to book an appointment please call us on 0800 328 3421 or find us online

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Over the years I was having my eye tests and my vision was getting worse and my prescription was getting stronger and stronger. And then I went through some cancer treatment which made it actually worse
and my vision went so bad that I couldn't really do anything. I couldn't
read for example, I couldn't drive, I couldn't cook, I couldn't go shopping, because I just couldn't see anything - it was all like a blur.

My vision was impaired so badly that I think I only had maybe 20% of my normal vision. My eyesight was terrible so my life was on hold so I didn't have a choice but to go for a cataracts treatment and then I heard about the a multifocal lens which they only do on a
private site. And I decided to go for the full works.

It's a multifocal lens which means you don't need uh causing glasses so it's for near vision, far vision - it does the whole thing.

I had a appointment within a week and I think it was within a couple of weeks that I had the in surgery done so it was really quick and easy. The Moorfields name made me feel it would be safe that the best doctors would be available and to get it on through them the reputation is worldwide and it's trustworthy.

The staff have been good because they look after you and they talk you through it. It's a world-renowned hospital so you feel safe and everything has gone extremely well. I can do everything now and my vision is back to how it used to be when I was 20. You know it's improved hugely hugely. 

I cannot stress and how great it is. I couldn't work before my treatment so that was another reason why I wanted to get it done as soon as
possible because so that I can start to work again because I couldn't work with my vision the way that it was.

You always fear, you know if anything's going to go wrong but the staff were amazing they helped me through it and because my consultant is a top surgeon, he did everything very well and a week after my eye surgery, I was back to normal so it took a few days for you know the
eyes to adjust and for them to start to feel a normal and within a week
it was just a miracle. It was fantastic.

Had I known that it would have been so quick and easy I would have done it earlier but just like everybody you have a process you go through where you think about it and then you know you weigh it all up and then eventually you get to a decision and now that I have had it
done it's and transformed my life and I'm very happy with the because the result that I have now. I recommend it to everybody because I
think that it does change your life and it puts you
back to where you want to be.

It has changed my life.

To find out how we can help you and to book an appointment please call us on 0800-328-3421 or find us online

Moorfields is a cut above other eye hospitals. The staff are friendly and my consultant is an expert in his field and someone that I can completely trust.

Verified patient on Doctify seen for cataract surgery, January 2024

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