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Rapid Access and Urgent Care Clinic

Our Rapid Access and Urgent Care Clinic offers same and next day appointments with world renowned Moorfields Private consultants.

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Fast access for urgent eye problems

The Rapid Access and Urgent Care Clinic offers fast access to diagnosis and treatment for urgent eye problems, such as an unexplained sudden change in your vision, trauma or a suspected infection, or eye discomfort such as dry eye, pain, redness or swelling.

At your appointment

Initially you will be assessed by a nurse who will check your vision.

After examining you and depending on your history, the consultant may request further tests that could be carried out by the nursing team at your appointment.

You will then be provided with a diagnosis, treatment recommendations and prescriptions as needed. The consultant will agree an appropriate follow up care with you.

Please note, this service is for adults only and urgent paediatric cases should be directed to a specialist paediatric consultant or to Moorfields NHS Foundation Trust’s A&E service. Patients with diagnosed conditions including retinal detachments/tears should book their appointments with the specialist consultants.

video transcript

The rapid access clinic is a reflection on really what we do in the accident and emergency service in the NHS. It is a consultant delivered service in the private sector so it's for those more
acute presentations of eye problems this can include a loss and vision,
a painful eye, a red eye, a discharging eye, so a whole plethora of different presentations can can be seen in that clinic.

Moorfields being a world-renowned institution, we decided to actually develop the private aspect of that in terms of what we do for the acute presentations so it's unique to London and unique to the
country that they can be seen either on the same day or the following day by a consultant within a within a very short time frame.

We can really see a lot a broad degree of presentations in the rapid access clinic. An example would be a loss in vision which could lead on to something like a diagnosis of a retinal detachment
or any alteration to your vision such as double vision, flashing lights and floaters, or a little blind spot in the area. Those are the the
visual problems that they come in with people obviously come in with painful eyes being a common presentation or in fact how the eye actually looks so a red eye, a sticky discharging eye.

Those are the typical presentations that we see in in the NHS accidents and emergency and that is pretty much reflected what we see in the rapid access clinic.

You don't need a referral which again is a unique aspect to the rapid access clinic. You can either self-refer by calling the new patient enquiry team or if you happen to speak to your GP and they're aware of it they can refer you in but it's not essential at the time of the appointment.

We aim to see patients in a timely manner so first and foremost you'll be given a dedicated time slot that you can attend.

Secondly you'll be firstly assessed by a nurse that will check basic things such as a vision and pressure in your eye which can be altered in in certain presentations and then some drops may be put in the eye to make your eyes big so we can see the whole extent of the front
and the back of the eye.

And then you'll be seen by a consultant after that. A provisional
diagnosis will be made and should any further intervention or referral need to be made we can do that in the same city. I have covered all of Ophthalmology as a trainee and now I specialize in cataract surgery and I also have a commitment to the more General Ophthalmology aspect of things particularly the acute presentations such as in the accidents and emergency service.

So I do do a lot of multi-focal intraocular lenses which allow the patient after surgery to experience a less dependence on glasses as well as also having a commitment privately to the rapid access clinic as
well so seeing the more acute presentations that patients would come
in with to the private sector. Patients come to see me secondary to having wanting to have their cataracts removed from a from a primary standpoint they also come to see me if perhaps they weren't satisfied with the outcome of their surgery elsewhere and maybe
wanting a second opinion; a bit of reassurance.

Also they would come to see me if they have have had their surgery perhaps done elsewhere and now feel that their vision has deteriorated there are certain laser procedures that can be done that will enhance their vision afterwards as well. So we'll clear up
their vision and improve their vision

To find out how we can help you and to book an appointment please call us on 0800 328 3421 or find us online

Appointments are available Monday to Friday

Conditions treated in the Rapid Access and Urgent Care Clinic

Corneal ulcers and infections including acanthamoeba keratitis

Infections of the cornea, the clear 'window' at the front of the eye, can be very painful


A condition causing the rim of the eyelids to become swollen, red and itchy


A common condition which causes the surface of your eye to go red and, often, sticky or watery and your eye becomes sore

Dry eye

There are many causes of dry eye, causing eyes to feel irritated, scratchy, dry and uncomfortable.

Eye trauma or injury

Injury or scratches to the eye caused by accidents, sports-related injuries, a foreign body in the eye, or other acute harm to the eye

Epiphora (watering eye)

Excess tears have many underlying causes but result in uncomfortable, watery eyes

General eye health

Addressing general eye symptoms and looking after your vision day-to-day including any of the following symptoms:

  • Red or pink eye
  • Itchy eye
  • Painful eye
  • A 'lump or bump' on the eyelid
  • Swelling of the eyelid
  • Gritty or scratchy eyes
  • A feeling of a foreign body in the eye

How much does a Rapid Access consultation cost?

Initial consultation


The appointment cost is £263 payable at your visit. It includes the initial visual assessment and your consultation.

Any further tests or prescriptions will incur an additional cost. This will be discussed and agreed with you at your appointment.


If you require onward treatment, the price for this will be discussed with you at consultation based on your personalised treatment plan.

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