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Children's (paediatric) eye service

We are one of the world’s largest specialist children’s ophthalmology centres

Our expert multidisciplinary paediatric team

Our expert consultants specialise in both specific eye conditions and paediatrics, meaning your child's eyes are in the very best hands.

Our multidisciplinary team also includes:

  • paediatricians
  • nurses
  • orthoptists
  • optometrists
  • family support workers
  • play specialists

This team work together to ensure your child is supported and guided through diagnosis and treatment.

We are one of the few places in the world that are able to bring together the full range of paediatric ophthalmology specialists in facilities dedicated to children. 

video transcript

I think some of the strengths of Moorfields Private is that we're able to
offer world-class expertise with children's eye services really across the board not just the consultants that see children but the allied professionals that we work with.

The facilities that we have available to us and one of the few places that have an absolutely dedicated children's eye hospital that sits on its own and with an environment that is specifically designed for children.

We have people that perform tests - if you'll need tests - that some of them almost exclusively work with children, day in day out, and as a whole package we are unusual in that sense in being able to provide that that sort of complete area of expertise and which is really
dedicated and to getting the best out of children and the best assessment problem and providing the best treatment and service to them.

We really have a high level of expertise associated in all the professionals that would see your children at Moorfield's Private.

Strabismus in its simplest terms is a misalignment of the eyes now this
misalignment can be where one eye drift out or when the eye drifts in or there can be a vertical misalignment so the the height of the eyes is different now normally when our eyes are working together they're both pointing in the same direction.

When people have a large misalignment of the eyes that is obvious
and it's very visible to other people but people can also have a small
misalignment of the eyes that cannot necessarily be visually obvious but because of that misalignment it can mean that the two eyes no longer work together so people can then experience double vision which is completely disabling and and stops them performing their day-to-day activities even without having an obvious visible misalignment.

There's actually a misperception that strabismus can't be treated in adults and so I've had a gentleman come to me with strabismus and he said oh he said I'm here now because my wife's an optometrist and
she came to your referral refinement course and she came home and she said do you know your squint can be treated and and that initiated a referral.

I focus on strabismus in adults and in children and in children's eye conditions common ones being things such as allergic eye disease watery eyes and lumps and bumps that children can get on
the lids such as chalazion.

Patients commonly come to me for a second opinion and I would say that probably one of the most frequent things as particularly with children and a lot of comments I get from parents after they come for a second opinion is this is the best that I've ever understood the condition.

Nobody's explained it like that before or we're really pleased that you
were able to explain that in simple terms or we're really glad we came now that that seems it seems really clear we weren't quite sure before or we've had such conflicting opinions but this seems to have cleared up the matter so I think that's what in my experience from
the feedback I get I think that's what people find most beneficial is that I'm able to provide not just an area of expertise but a really clear and concise explanation to them about their condition or their children's
condition to find out how we can help you and to book an appointment please call us on 0800 328 3421 or find us online

Our daughter was extremely well looked after and all the staff were excellent and attentive. Thank you for helping make an unsettling experience so much easier.

Verified review on Doctify, July 2022

Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre

A comprehensive paediatric ophthalmology centre

At RDCEC we are able to treat all major eye conditions in children. These include strabismus (squint) and ambloyopia (lazy eye), refractive errors, tear glands and lids, cataracts, corneal diseases, genetic conditions, glaucoma, retinal disorders, and uveitis.

For complex conditions or in children who have other conditions in addition to their eye conditions, we work closely with other NHS private patient units, including Great Ormond Street Hospital

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Children's A&E

Our dedicated NHS children's A&E is based in the Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre. It is open Monday to Friday during office hours. Our 24 hour paediatric A&E is delivered in our main A&E on City Road.

Patients up to the age of


can be treated in RDCEC

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