Georgia Moorfields Private patient - AMD treatment

Georgia - I felt truly well cared for from the start

Georgia was excited to spend a year in the UK but also worried about being able to continue with her regular AMD treatment there. After hearing about Moorfields as the place to be for the eye care in London, she picked up the phone & never looked back.

I have age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in both eyes with my left eye being affected by a more aggressive ‘wet’ type of AMD where abnormal blood vessels grow underneath the retina and then leak fluid, potentially gradually damaging central vision in that eye. To prevent this, I have to have intravitreal injections every few weeks to keep those blood vessels under control.

I had only just started my treatment in the USA which is my home country when my husband and I were invited to come to London for a year for his academic research. I was excited but also very worried about being able to continue with my injections with the same medication and at the same intervals.

I spoke with my family doctor, my ophthalmologist and my retinal specialists in my local hospital and they all told me Moorfields was the place to be for the eye treatment in London. So, I followed through on that.

Unfortunately, they did not know anybody at Moorfields or its private division Moorfields Private and couldn’t recommend a specific consultant there. So, I just dialled the main enquiry number at Moorfields Private and told them I was going to be in London for an academic year and I needed to get care for this condition.

The person I spoke with reassured me this would be no problem and put me in touch with the retinal doctor. I felt truly well cared for from the start. From that very first call, I have not talked to one person in this hospital who hasn’t been extremely helpful. I think everyone I encountered at Moorfields Private was friendly and helpful and made me feel like they were caring for me and I wasn’t just passing through. They go the extra mile for you, it’s amazing!

Thousands of miles from home, my AMD was well cared for, and I was free to explore London.

Georgia - a better sight-see-er

There is something about how everything works there, everybody is telling you what’s happening, it makes you feel very confident in what they are doing. And I think this is the magic of Moorfields Private, it operates like a much smaller institution where everybody is friendly and willing. I felt well-tended to when I was getting the treatment.

My consultant is the kindest, nicest gentleman and I have so much confidence in him. He checks my eyes for any blood vessel leakage and administers the treatment as needed. He is also well aware of the modern research on the new treatments for AMD, which keeps me hopeful.

My husband and I are back to US. And before I left, I was given a complete set of documents and medical notes related to the eye care I had at Moorfields Private in London. So, my local consultant will have all the information to continue with my treatment smoothly, with the same medication and keeping to the same important intervals that ensure my eye condition is in check. Thanks to my treatment, I can keep enjoying things we loved to do in London like watching plays, visiting museums and restaurants.

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