Cayton Street part closure

Update: 4 March 2024

From 4 March, part of the pavement on Cayton Street where staff and patients cross between our trust and Private sites will be closed due to external construction works taking place.

To ensure the safety of our staff, patients, and members of the public, the construction company have placed signs to alert people to the closure and to help direct them across the street at a marked point where it is safe for them to cross.

Cayton St

Help to guide patients

The construction company will also have banksmen and other staff on site to help guide people over.

A construction lorry will be parked in a marked ‘pit lane’ for construction workers to carry materials to and from the building in Cayton Street, which is set to be demolished by the external company next month.

Ambulances, deliveries, and other vehicles that require access to Cayton Street will still be able to pass through during this time, with construction workers halting works when cars or pedestrians need to cross over.


Preparing for demolition

The works being carried out are part of an external development project and not related to any of the trust’s capital projects.

A staff group, made up of clinical and non-clinical members from the trust, Moorfields Private, and the Institute of Ophthalmology (IoO), have been meeting regularly with the construction team to ensure all measures are in place to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and the general public.

Vibration levels from the demolition have been taken into account, and vibration monitors have been fitted at City Road, Moorfields Private, and at the IoO to record levels throughout the work to ensure we can safely continue to run our services.


Leading and guiding support

The construction team will also be taking part in a leading and guiding session to help them understand how to best offer to and support our patients crossing the street. This training is kindly being provided by the Friends of Moorfields team.