Moorfields launches new bullying and harassment resolution pathways

Moorfields is committed to ensuring the trust is a place where every member of staff feels safe and respected and everyone feels comfortable at work. We have launched a new policy and resolution pathway to provide a range of routes to enable staff to seek advice at the earliest opportunity where the behaviours of others in the workplace may be making them feel uncomfortable.

What is the bullying and harassment resolution pathway?

The pathway focuses on early intervention and facilitates speedy and informal resolutions, where appropriate. The new resolution pathway provides four routes to resolve an issue, dispute or conflict through:

  • Route a: speaking to the person directly
  • Route b: having a facilitated conversation
  • Route c: having a mediated conversation
  • Route d: formal route supported by human resources

Who are the trust’s contact colleagues?

Newly trained contact colleagues will play a key role at the start of the resolution process to signpost colleagues and advise on the appropriate route to take and where additional support can be sought. A number of staff have also been trained as facilitators and mediators to support the resolution pathway. 


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