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Breakthrough in AI technology to improve care for patients

Artificial intelligence system can recommend the correct referral decision for over 50 eye diseases with 94% accuracy – matching world-leading eye experts.

Moorfields exhibition at the Science Museum SENsory Astronights event

Dr Mariya Moosajee will be hosting an interactive exhibition at the Science Museum SENsory Astronights event.

Thinner retinas are an early sign of cognitive decline

Researchers from Moorfields and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology (UCL IoO) have found that thinner retinas in the human eye are a clear sign a person is at significant and increased risk of futur

Moorfields celebrates 70th anniversary of the NHS

Staff celebrates the landmark 70th anniversary of the NHS on 5 July 2018.

Moorfields featured in BBC documentary: How the NHS changed our world

Moorfields will be featured in a documentary series created by the BBC to spotlight the pioneering work of the NHS.

Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL launch design competition for new joint facility

The Royal Institute of British Architects are leading a competition for design teams for a new, joint eye care, research and education facility.

Moorfields launches new bullying and harassment resolution pathways

Moorfields is committed to ensuring the trust is a place where every member of staff feels safe and respected and everyone feels comfortable at work.

Researchers identify genetic variants that may predict glaucoma risk

Breakthrough represents a major advance in the fight to tackle glaucoma.