Research Opportunities at Moorfields (ROAM)

Research Opportunities at Moorfields (ROAM) has been created to engage more people interested in taking part in world-class research at the trust. Whether you are an existing patient, or a healthy volunteer, who is keen to make a difference in eye care, you can sign up to ROAM.

Moorfields is a national and international centre for research into eye conditions and treatments. With its partner, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology (IoO), and with the help of its patients, Moorfields leads one of the most successful and most extensive ophthalmic research programmes in the world.

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Take part in our research

To continue in our ambition to pioneer new, patient-centred care, we need to recruit more people to our research studies.

That’s where ROAM comes in. The web application allows you to quickly and easily sign up to take part in research projects at Moorfields. Once signed up, clinicians will use the information gathered to identify people who are suitable to take part in the wide range of studies at Moorfields. Participants can also sign up to shape research and to question how research is conducted at Moorfields. This forms part of our patient and public involvement (PPI) programme.

You don't have to be a Moorfields patient to take part. If you are healthy, and keen to get involved, you can enter your details directly.

Get involved in research

If you would like to find out more about ROAM before registering, email the team at:

Last updated: 6th November 2020