Graham Holder

Graham Holder

Consultant telephone: 


Area(s) of specialism / subspecialism: 

Clinical electrophysiology

Year of first medical qualification: 

PhD 1979

Location of initial medical training: 


Membership of professional /national/regional bodies: 

Registered Clinical Scientist CS 1081

Member, senior advisory board, EVER (European Association for Vision and Eye Research)

Member, scientific advisory board, European Society of Ophthalmology

Full member, The Macula Society (USA)

Current NHS/university posts, whether full/part time, and starting year: 

Moorfields, since 1995.

Honorary professor: University of Sydney Medical School, Australia (2013); UCL Institute of Ophthalmology (2007)

Other professional achievements: 

Over 200 publications

Alcon Award (jointly with Prof A T Moore) 2010 for “Outstanding contributions to vision research”

Past president, EVER

Edridge-Green medal 2010 (RCOphth)

2014 Neil Della Memorial lecturer. (Australian and New Zealand Society of Retinal Specialists, Sydney, June 2014).

International consultant (basic and clinical science course), American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Research interests: 

Clinical electrophysiology of vision; retinal degeneration; genotype/phenotype correlations; neuro-ophthalmology; structure/function relationships.