Membership council

As an NHS foundation trust, Moorfields is accountable to its members, who are patients, staff and residents in the communities where we run services.

Our members are represented by elected and nominated governors who form our membership council – sometimes known as the board of governors. The membership council represents the interests of foundation trust members and stakeholders to the board of directors and the management of the trust.

Elected governors

Jane Colebourn, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire public constituency

Jane Colebourn

Istvan F Selmeczi, North East London and Essex public constituency

Istvan F Selmeczi

Paul Murphy, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire public constituency

Jane Bush, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire public constituency

Jane Bush

Simon Mansfield, North West London public constituency

Brian Watkins, North West London public constituency

Brian Watkins

Allan MacCarthy, South East London public constituency

Allan MacCarthy

Suryanarayanan Naga Subramanian, South East London public constituency

Emily Brothers
Emily Brothers, South West London public constituency

Bernard Dolan, south west London public constituency

Bernard Dolan

Brenda Faulkner, patient constituency

Brenda Faulkner

Robert Jones, patient constituency

Robert Jones

Jill Wakefield, patient constituency

Jill Wakefield

Colin Carter, staff constituency

Alexandra Edwards, staff constituency

Stacey Strong

Stacey Strong, staff constituency

Stacey Strong

Staff satellite governor constituency - vacant

Nominated governors

John Lawrenson, City University

Helen Doe, International Glaucoma Association

Vacant, London Borough of Islington

Fazilet Hadi, Royal National Institute of Blind People

Professor Peter Mobbs, University College London